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CC 4000 Chip Classifier by Jeffrey Rader Brand

The CC 4000 allows mills to classify chips on a user-defined thickness. All controls and functions are monitored by a computer with Microsoft Windows software.


Chip thickness classification is an important process in reducing cost in paper mills. CC 4000 Chip Classifiers are used in the mill to classify chip thickness and to measure quality (according to size) of chips that are being purchased by the mill, or chipped in-house.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Approximates the individual micrometer measurement of each chip
  • Chip thickness sizing from 2mm to 23mm can be selected by the operator
  • Superior sample repeatability and accurate chip fraction separation
  • Can sample up to 4 times larger sample compared to other classifiers
  • Larger samples are more accurately processed in less time
  • Automated chip classification allows total variability of chip thickness size selection
  • Gives instantaneous data with documentation for each classification
  • Sample Test Results are easily saved and retrieved for chip quality comparison
  • Not labor intensive
  • Classification settings can be modified by the computer instead of replacing hardware
  • User has ability to customize format of data output
  • All functions are controlled and monitored by the computer
Technical Data
  • Weight –2,200 lbs.
  • Height –59 inches
  • Width –30 inches
  • Depth –53 inches
  • Electrical requirements –120 volts/ 60 Hz/ 20 amps
  • Drum dimensions –24” x 24”


Jeffrey Rader Chip Thickness Screening