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Chip Thickness Screening Systems by Jeffrey Rader Brand

Jeffrey Rader pioneered the first chip-thickness screening and processing technology in the mid 1970s and revolutionized chip preparation.


Jeffrey Rader offers equipment for the four stages of total chip preparation — gross oversize removal, over-thick chip removal, size reduction of over-thick chips, and fines removal.

Chip thickness screening equipment is used for bark, construction and demolition waste, refuse derived fuel (RDF) and other materials that must be fractioned, separated and cleaned of rocks, metal and sand.

Jeffrey Rader screen and processing innovations include scalping screens (RDS), thickness screening (Dynagage), fines screens (Rader Wave), chip conditioners (Dynayield) and air density separation (ADS) equipment, which assure that delivered chips are the highest quality.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Low capital cost for a rapid ROI
  • High recovery rates for increased profits
  • Ships complete with motor, drive assembly, and base for quick installation
  • Metal trap minimizes damage from tramp metal
  • Large infeed opening ensures that plugging in the Chip-Sizer is eliminated
  • No knives to sharpen or damage keeps maintenance costs low
Technical Data

Technical data coming soon.




Jeffrey Rader CC2000 Computerized Chip Quality Monitoring System

Jeffrey Rader DynaYield II Chip Conditioner

Jeffrey Rader Disc Screen (RDS)

Jeffrey Rader RaderWave Fines Screen

Jeffrey Rader DynaGage Bar Screen

Jeffrey Rader Chip Thickness Screening

Jeffrey Rader Chip-Sizer