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DynaGage Bar Screen by Jeffrey Rader Brand

The DynaGage™ is a true primary screen designed to be installed in new screen rooms or as a replacement in existing operations.


The effective performance life of the DynaGage screening surface is significantly greater than conventional screens. No other device can match the DynaGage screen’s ability to remove over-thick chips at such high efficiencies with little to no accept carryover. Because of its high efficiency and long wear life, pre-thickness screening with gyratories or disc screens is never required.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • +90% separation efficiency
  • Low accept carry over
  • Significant reduction in energy and space requirements compared to other types of screens
  • Largest open area available in a chip thickness screen
  • If necessary, sections of the screening surface can be removed and replaced without removing the shafts
  • Replacement costs per square foot of screen area are substantially less compared to disc shaft assemblies or grooved rolls
Technical Data
  • Maximum loading is .45 UPH/SqFt
  • Low vibration levels