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NF Electromechanical Vibrating Feeders by Jeffrey Rader Brand

Electromechanical feeders are recommended for heavier loads and for hazardous environments, such as feeding coal.


Jeffrey Rader feeders are precision tuned near their own natural frequencies making them in tune with the materials they carry. These sub-resonant tuning characteristics assure efficient material transference, promote quieter operation, and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Rugged deck design
  • Positive drive cog belt offers 98% efficiency
  • Steel springs feature low dampening coefficient, consume less power
  • Standard, inverter-duty motor reduces downtime, requires less maintenance
  • Remote or local controllers available
Technical Data

General Information

  • Sub-resonant tuning – less horsepower required (energy savings)
  • Quieter Operation
  • Stroke & Speed: 5/16” @ 900 RPM
  • Suspended or Supported Mounting
  • 100% Range of Control
  • Manual or Auto Operation (4-20mA input signal)
  • Control Enclosure: NEMA 12(Standard), 4 or 4X (Optional)
  • Variable Frequency Controller includes Dynamic breaking resistor and AC input line reactor
  • Steel Precompressed Coupling Springs – Low dampering  coefficient, consume less power compared to rubber or other types of drive springs
  • Precompressed Coupling Springs – Constant spring rate (compared to rubber springs) and longer spring life compared to pigtail springs (bolt at each end of the spring)
  • Enclosed Exciter Box with bolted access covers
  • Severe-duty or Explosion-proof foot mounted motors – less downtime & maintenance
  • Motors: 2 through 20 HP (sized per application)
    • 50 hz: 1500 rpm & 60 Hz: 1800rpm
    • Voltages: 190v, 208v, 380v, 460v, 575v
  • Positive Drive Cog Belt – reduces frequent belt adjustment. Constant belt tension prevents slippage and extends bearing life
  • Variety of Deck sizes and configurations available
  • High Burden-to-energy ratio



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