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Pre-Steaming Bins by Jeffrey Rader Brand

Jeffrey Rader pre-steaming bins have been engineered and configured to meet just about any job requirement for pulp & paper applications.


More than 40 Jeffrey Rader brand Pre-Steaming Bins are in operation. Typical installations of pre-steaming bins include bleaching towers, pulp storage bins, MDF steaming bins and more.
Advantages & Benefits:

  • Bottom double-mounted shell produces equal steaming
  • Continuous radial movement of stoker arms creates a consistent residence time of all chips in the bin; no dead spots
  • There is steaming at the floor drop chutes, which properly steams the center chip column
  • Flanged removable screw shafts allow for quick repairs with minimal downtime
  • Pillow block bearing for screw conveyors provides more access to shaft gland and facilitates maintenance
Technical Data
  • Adjustable seal gland and stainless sleeve on the shaft