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Raderwave Fines Screen by Jeffrey Rader Brand

The Raderwave™ Fines Screen provides maximum fines removal while saving valuable fiber, even under fluctuating conditions.


The unique sinusoidal (or wave-like) action of the Raderwave's Flexi-Dek™ screen mat allows fines to pass through and good fiber to move on. The result is over 90% fines removal while retaining as much as 90% of the valuable fiber.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • A low-horsepower, variable-speed drive and motorized jacking system allows wave frequency and screen inclinations to be adjusted “on the run.”
  • The Flexi-Dek™ is a noncorrosive, high-density, high-strength material, formulated for maximum flexibility and long wear life.
  • Flexi-Dek replacement is easily accomplished in two hours or less, which means very little downtime.
  • The constant flexing action of the Flexi-Dek screen mat helps prevent adhesion of wet or sticky particles.
  • Self-cleaning feature is particularly beneficial in harsh climates.
Technical Data
  • Dust-tight construction
  • Heavy-duty, high-torque cogged belt drive