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Stoker Reclaimers by Jeffrey Rader Brand

Stoker reclaimers use multiple moving ladder assemblies in the bottom of a bin to move material from the loading/infeed area to the stoker discharge section.


These units can be used as above-ground discharge bins, in-ground open pile reclaimers, truck and rail car receiving bins, etc.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Material cannot permanently bridge to hamper the discharge operation.
  • Material is moved gently, preventing dust and minimizing degradation into fines and pins.
  • Ensures first-in, first-out movement of material for consistent turnover.
  • Provides reliable, safe operation with very low wear and tear of moving parts inside the bin.
Technical Data
  • Multiple moving ladder assemblies in the bottom of a bin
  • Ladders moved by hydraulic system
  • Ladders are sequenced so that while one ladder is moving to discharge material, the adjacent ladder is returning to its starting position to begin moving material when the first ladder is at the end of its stroke
  • Optional rotating spike roll assembly helps to break up additional clumps or ice lumps