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Surge Bins, Metering Bins and Day Bins by Jeffrey Rader Brand

Our bins are designed to meet storage, metering and feed rate requirements of the boiler, whether feeding 100% biomass or co-firing biomass with coal.


Fuel Storage prior to injection into the boiler is typically provided with Day Bins (silos, bunkers or bins near the face of the boiler).

Day Bins can be circular screw reclaimers in the bottom of silos, full live bottom screws, stokers or chains. Fuel from the Day Bins can be discharged directly into the boiler feed spout or to a metering screw conveyor for feeding to a single boiler feed point for mechanical or pneumatic injection.

Distribution to multiple feed points can be accomplished with distribution conveyors (screw or chain), robbing screws and metering feed screws. Metering screws meter out an equal percentage of flow going down to the feed chutes. The design of the screws is optimized for better flow through the bin.

Technical Data
  • Dust-tight design
  • Can be supplied with a variety of materials and/or wear surfaces to improve wear life
  • Feed screws are manufactured from a variety of materials, with surface coatings used to improve wear life