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TubeFeeders by Jeffrey Rader Brand

The TubeFeeder® is a unique and well-proven reclaimer that offers many advantages over traditional under-pile circular screw reclaimers.


The TubeFeeder is a state of the art under-pile reclaimer incorporating patented technology and features that will guarantee efficient, long life and trouble free operation. The TubeFeeder can be supplied in either a circular or linear arrangement.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Significant Power Savings Compared to Screw Reclaimers
  • Protection from Head Load
  • No Shear Forces Occur Inside Material Pile
  • Reduced Wear on Parts
  • Reduced Starting Torque Required
  • Reduced Possible Degradation of the Chip Quality
  • Consistent Reclaim Conditions Independently of Traveling Direction and Height
  • High Accuracy on Low Out-feed Rates
  • Uniform and Adjustable Reclaim Rate
  • True First-in, First-out and Mass Flow Conditions
  • Homogenization of Material
  • Precise Blending of Qualities

TubeFeeder® is a patented product licensed from Main Engineering AB.

Download article from July/August 2015 issue of Bioenergy Insight magazine about a TubeFeeder installation at Gascogne Paper.

Download article from January 2014 issue of Bioenergy International magazine about a TubeFeeder installation at Nestle.

Technical Data
  • Storage capacities can range from 100 m3 to over 1,000,000 m3 with reclaim rates ranging from 10 to 1000 m3/hr
  • Variable speed drive controls the tube rotation speed and the discharge rate
  • Outside tube rotates at 1-10 rpm
  • Screw conveyor operates inside the tube at a fixed rpm, typically 40 rpm

Tube Feeder® is a patented product licensed from Main Engineering AB.