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Vibrating Conveyors by Jeffrey Rader Brand

Vibrating Conveyors are simple in design, dependable in operation, and rugged in construction and primarily serve industries that require around-the-clock operation.


Jeffrey Rader Mechanical Vibrating Conveyors are designed for use on those jobs for which belt, spiral and other types of mechanical conveyors are either not adaptable or for which they are only partially suitable and prohibitively expensive to maintain.

In addition to handling materials at atmospheric temperatures, MV Conveyors are also used with hot materials as well as for abrasive materials. They may be enclosed for the handling of gaseous, dusty or toxic materials, or for conveying material in an inert atmosphere.

These conveyors are made in types and sizes to handle capacities ranging up to hundreds of tons per hour at conveying speeds which often approach those of a belt conveyor.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Several models available
    • Leaf spring
    • Coil spring
    • Combination of leaf and coil springs
  • Virtually any length available
  • Rugged Construction for dependable, around-the clock operation
  • Time-proven drive unit
  • Capacities up to 500 TPH
  • Screen sections and non-metallic sections available
  • Quiet operation
  • Requires minimum headroom
Technical Data

General Information

  • Positive driven, unbalanced machines normally installed at or below ground level
  • Gentle conveying action will not degrade sensitive materials
  • Covered decks are available
  • Conveyors are built in 12 ft long Power Unit section and Extension sections. The power unit location can be placed anywhere in the total conveyor length.

LMV Vibrating Conveyor (Light Duty) Specifications

  • Power Units: G15 & G20 (driven with TEFC motors, sheaves & V-belts)
  • Stroke & Speed: 7/16” (G15) and 9/16” (G20) @ 600 RPM (Nom.)
  • Deck widths: 12/15” to 24/27” (tapered sides) widths

MMV Vibrating Conveyor (Medium Duty) Specifications

  • Power Units:  G31 (driven with TEFC motors, sheaves & V-belts)
  • Stroke & Speed:   1/2” and 5/8” @ 600 RPM (Nom.)
  • Deck widths:  18/24” 24/30” and 30/36” (tapered sides) widths

HMV Vibrating Conveyor (Heavy Duty) Specifications

  • Power Units: G31, G61 and G121 (driven with TEFC motors, sheaves & V-belts)
  • Stroke & Speed: 1/2”, 5/8” and ¾” @ 600 RPM (Nom.)
  • Deck widths: 60” max. width