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Join us in helping our communities

TerraSource Global joins KidSmart in its Push for Pencils school supply drive.

Imagine starting off your first day of school without a pencil, a notebook or even a backpack. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many St. Louis area children. More than 90,000 local, school-aged children live in poverty and often can’t afford the most basic school supplies.

 But YOU can help!

Throughout the month of August TerraSource is collecting school supplies in support of KidSmart’s Push for Pencils supply drive. Please consider donating to this great organization to help equip children with the proper tools for school.

Visit our team page to donate: http://www.kidsmartpushforpencils.org/tsg.

 Your help will truly make a difference in the lives of local kids and give them the tools they need to succeed at school.  Let’s help children start the year off right!


To download, click here.