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Brute Armor™ Slant-Flow® screen grates

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Gundlach Multi Roll Crusher
Gundlach Cage Paktor
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Gundlach Cage Paktor
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Gundlach Cage Paktor
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Air Density Separator

Another Quality Component from the Leader in Chip Processing Technology
Jeffrey Rader pioneered the use of vacuum air systems to remove chip contaminants such as rocks, knots and metal over 40 years ago. Our Air Density Separator’s uniquely-designed control system provides for optimal removal efficiency. The versatility of the ADS provides flexibility in locating chip conditioners and Chip-Sizer™ rechippers, saving costly space and reducing capital investment.
The ADS system’s unique design allows for a curtain of air to be pulled across an adjustable separation chamber. Rocks, knots and unwanted debris drop out of the flow of material at this controlled separation zone while accepts are conveyed to a cyclone.
Aside from protecting downstream equipment, the system’s ability to remove knots and compressed wood greatly improves the pulping process and helps eliminate pulping rejects.
Each ADS system is custom tailored to accommodate your specific process requirement resulting in the elimination of unnecessary energy consumption.


Biofuels & Pellets
equipment for the production of wood chips to liquid biofuel
Biomass Energy
equipment is used in multiple stages of woody biomass processing
Renewable Power
Pulp & Paper
Wood Products / Furniture

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