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Agricultural / Food
We have supplied pneumatic conveying equipment, vibratory feeders and hammermills for conveying, feeding and or processing food/agricultural waste. Most food grade applications in this industry require stainless steel components, which we provide. Some of the customers using our equipment in this industry include Kroger Company, Kellogg’s, California Department of Corrections and S&W foods.
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Biofuels & Pellets
All the major paper mills use our Jeffrey Rader brand of equipment in the biofuel/biomass boiler feed systems. We have provided equipment for the production of wood chips to liquid biofuel to companies such as Kior, as well as to pellet manufacturers such as Drax, Dixie Pellets, and Enviva. Overall, we have more than 1,000 pieces of equipment in biofuel systems and a combination of equipment in the pellet industry.
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Biomass Energy
Jeffrey Rader equipment is used in multiple stages of woody biomass processing, from storage and reclaim to screening, oversize processing and complete boiler feed systems (pneumatic or mechanical). We’ve supplied more than 1000 pieces of equipment and boiler feed systems to companies such as Louisiana Pacific, Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser, West Rock, Domtar, Dominion Energy, GE Energy and Bechtel.
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All three of our equipment brands are relied upon in the cement industry, especially for crushing raw materials such as limestone, gypsum and clay. Posimetric® and vibratory feeders are used to meter these materials, and Jeffrey Rader brand equipment prepares and injects waste wood and refuse into pre-calciners or into cement or lime kilns. Customers include Lafarge, Cemex, St. Lawrence Cement, Holcim, FLSmidth and Loesche.
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All three of our brands of equipment are used in this market but the specific makeup of the chemicals being processed need to be considered when determining the best machine for the job. Equipment in this industry might include hammermills, grinding mills, roll crushers, jaw crushers, Posimetric® feeders and/or vibratory feeders.
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Manufactured Products
In this industry, TerraSource Global equipment is used for preparing materials to be used a process or for processing manufacturing scrap. With our wide range of equipment and willingness to custom engineer solutions, we have successfully installed hundreds of specially designed hammermills and other crushers for well-known customers such as Firestone Rubber, Owens Corning, SGL Carbon, Certainteed, Kingsford Charcoal and John Deere.
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Mining - Aggregate, Sand & Gravel
For aggregates, sand and gravel markets, our Jeffrey Rader brand vibratory feeders are by far the most popular equipment we offer. However, we also have multiple roll crusher, impactor and jaw crusher installations. Vulcan is a major player in this industry using our feeders and crushers.
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Mining - Coal
All three of TerraSource Global’s flagship brands relied upon at coal mines across the USA and in China, South Africa, Canada, India, Colombia and more. We offer primary and secondary crushing solutions, as well as multiple feeder options. Our equipment can handle all types and grades of coals. All major coal companies use our equipment, including Arch Coal, Peabody, Drummond, Consol and Teck, to name a few.
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Mining - Other Minerals
All our equipment brands are heavily used in mining and can process a broad variety of materials, regardless of hardness, abrasiveness and so on. TerraSource Global complements its extensive product line with experienced applications engineers who are eager and able to advise customers on the proper solution to fit the requirements for their specific application.
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Mining - Potash
Around the world, TerraSource Global equipment is installed both underground and on the surface at potash mines. Our crushers process various products in the compaction circuit and finishing operations where the product sizing needs to be slightly altered before shipment. Our equipment is preferred because of its rugged design and ability to maximize the necessary product yield while minimizing reprocessing and waste material.
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With nearly 200 installations since the 1980s, we’re a proven solution provider for the primary plastic resin manufacturing process common in this industry. The Jeffrey Rader EDK Feeder/De-Lumper is preferred equipment when production reliability in difficult environments is contingent on accurate metering and de-lumping. Customers include Union Carbide, Dow, Reliance Industries, Sinopec, Exxon Mobile, Nova Chemical, Mitsubishi and Lukoil.
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Our crushers are installed at the refineries and at power plants that burn this fuel in fluid bed boilers. At the refineries, our equipment crushes the coke as it is cut out of the coking drums. Petroleum coke is a waste material from the refining process but has favor as a fuel. All of the major suppliers of coking technology use TerraSource Global crushers, including Foster Wheeler, Conoco Phillips and more.
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TerraSource Global is a preferred equipment provider to more than 1,000 coal-fired electric utility installations around the world. Common applications include pre-crushing and feeding pulverizers for pulverized fuel boilers or as the final crusher in fluid bed or cyclone boilers when product size is critical. Our crushers are able to handle all types and grades of coals and a wide variety of fuel in addition to coal, including petroleum coke and waste coals.
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Power, Renewable
Jeffrey Rader equipment is designed for difficult to handle fuels and applications associated with biomass energy and co-generation plants. Over the last 25 years, we’ve supplied more than 100 pieces of equipment and multiple systems to boiler companies like Babcock & Wilcox and Austrian Energy, as well as to power producers like GE Energy, Bechtel and Rio Bravo Power.
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Pulp & Paper
Since the 1960s, more than 10,000 Jeffrey Rader machines have been installed at pulp and paper applications around the world. Jeffrey Rader has always been known as an innovation leader for chip and bark processing and handling equipment and processes that help customers improve plant productivity and output. Satisfied customers include Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser and West Rock.
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For the recycling of metals, both our Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher brands are found in operation around the world. Some equipment used in this industry includes our metal turnings crushers and other hammermills, sizers, breakers, grinders, feeders and more.
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Our wood hogs, screens and pneumatic systems help sawmills and chip mills support growing market demand for providing materials to the housing market, pellet manufacturers and the pulp and paper industry. Mills also use our chip sizer to provide pulp chip material to paper mills. Customers include Hood Industry, Chester Wood Products, Roseburg Forest Products, Hampton Lumber and Swanson Superior Lumber.
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Our equipment is used to prepare the coals received for making coke at steel mills. All of the major steel producers use TerraSource Global equipment, including US Steel, Mittal, Sun Coke and others. Our equipment has the flexibility and reliability needed by steel producers. In fact, equipment dating from the 1940s and 1950s is still in daily service at steel mills, a testament to the long-term durability and productivity of our machines.
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Waste Management
TerraSource Global’s crushers and shredders, Rader disc screens (RDSs) and air density separators (ADSs) have been used for recycling plastics and municipal solid waste for many years. Our equipment is relied upon by industry leaders such as Covanta, Excel Energy and Alcoa. In addition, our equipment is relied upon for many municipal resource recovery applications such as waste tires, rail road ties, plastics, paper, glass and more.
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Wood Products / Furniture
Our Jeffrey Rader line of equipment, including wood/bark hogs, chain conveyors and reclaimers, chip sizers and conditioners, vibratory feeders, storage and reclaim systems, chip thickness screening systems and more can be found in sawmills, veneer and plywood manufacturing, millwork, wood window and door manufacturing, resawing lumber, wood container and pallet manufacturing and other wood product manufacturing.
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