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Centroload™ Feeders

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Experience the efficiency of Jeffrey Rader’s Centroload™ Feeders, ensuring uniform feeding for cone crushers with up to 20% higher production rates than competitors. These feeders simplify operations by consolidating tasks, replacing multiple machines with one, and feature a low-maintenance design for quiet, energy-efficient performance. Ideal for bulk material feeding in various industries, Centroload™ feeders offer long life, high reliability, improved crusher liner wear, and enhanced material gradation. Benefit from consistent performance, higher production rates, and better product distribution with Centroload™ feeders.

JR Centroload
centerload feeder


  • Uniform feeding for even distribution around the circumference of cone crushers.
  • Unique low-maintenance design.
    Positive drive components.
  • Suitable for various bulk materials (aggregates, coal, minerals, industrial materials, and blending materials).


  • Improved efficiency and reduced equipment costs.
  • Reduction in maintenance and downtime.
  • Long life and high reliability.
  • Enhanced crusher performance and product distribution.
  • Better gradation of materials and improved durability.

Technical Details

Precompressed steel springs  •  Standard motor  •  Eccentric shaft drive arrangement  •  Slope: 5 degrees

CF 3607  •  CF 4208  •  CF 4209  •  CF 6010


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