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Mini-Mill with EZ-Access

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The Mini-Mill™, 30ABE, and 34ABE models from Jeffrey Rader offer exceptional versatility and durability for various applications. With EZ-Access technology, maintenance is made easy, ensuring safe and fast access to hammers, rotors, and liners. These hammermills feature swinging doors for optimal access without compromising ruggedness. Their heavy-duty rotor design, assembled on high-strength shafts and mounted in durable steel housings, allows for maximum efficiency and flexibility in hammer arrangements. The Ultralloy® material ensures long life and low operating costs for the hammers, available in various shapes to suit different applications. The extended lower housing provides ample screen grate area, reducing operating costs and minimizing instances of plugging. With features like fabricated screen grates, metal trap protection, and abrasion-resistant liners, these hammermills are designed for high performance and longevity.

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Mini Mill
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  • EZ-Access Technology: Allows safe, fast, and easy access to hammers, rotors, and liners for routine maintenance.
  • Screen Grates: Designed for maximum capacity and accurate sizing, made of abrasion-resistant materials.
  • Heavy-Duty Rotor Design: Assembled on a high-strength shaft, mounted in self-aligning spherical roller bearings or ball bearings for durability.
  • Durable Hammer Designs: Made from Ultralloy material for performance, long life, and low operating costs, available in various shapes and materials.
  • Steel Housing: Structurally reinforced for long-lasting durability, prevents internal wear.
  • Extended Lower Housing: Provides increased screen grate area for reduced operating costs and material discharge efficiency.
  • Liners: Made from thick abrasion-resistant steel plate, bolted from the outside to protect against wear.
  • Tramp Metal Protection: Includes an integral metal trap to collect tramp metal and prevent damage to the machine.
  • Easy Maintenance: EZ-Access Technology enables quick and safe maintenance procedures.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, adaptable to different material types and product sizes.
  • Optimal Performance: Heavy-duty rotor design and durable hammer designs ensure maximum efficiency and long life.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Extended lower housing and effective screen grates minimize operating costs by improving material discharge and reducing plugging.
  • Tramp Metal Protection: Integral metal trap protects the machine from damage caused by tramp metal, enhancing overall equipment longevity and reliability.


Agricultural/Food Processing  •  Biofuels & Pellets Production  •  Biomass Energy Processing  •  Cement Production  •  Limestone & Lime Processing  •  Manufactured Products Preparation  •  Mining Operations (Aggregate, Sand & Gravel, Coal, Gypsum, Potash, and Other Minerals)
Petrochemical Processing  •  Petroleum Coke Processing  •  Power Generation  •  Recycling Operations

Renewable Power Production  • Waste Management