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Stoker Reclaimers

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Stoker Reclaimers by Jeffrey Rader are expertly designed to ensure continuous material flow, essential for seamless facility operations. Using hydraulic systems, these reclaimers delicately move material from loading to discharge areas, accommodating various configurations like above-ground discharge bins or in-ground open pile reclaimers. Their unique ladder design and adjustable gate bars maintain material consistency and prevent bridging, promoting reliable and safe operation with minimal wear. For heavy-duty material handling needs in industries such as mining and power generation, Jeffrey Rader offers the Alpac and Valiant Stoker Reclaimers, each boasting durable construction, efficient reclaiming, customizable designs, and advanced control systems for enhanced productivity and operational convenience.

Hydraulic Cylanders
Push Floor
Push/Pull Floor
Lump Breaker
Lump Breaker at Discharge
Features and Benefits:
  • Operation Efficiency: Jeffrey Rader stoker reclaimers use multiple moving ladder assemblies to gently move material from loading to discharge areas, suitable for various configurations (above-ground, in-ground, truck/rail car receiving).
  • Hydraulic System: The ladders are moved by a hydraulic system, arranged for either pushing or pulling, with pumps and motors conveniently located nearby.
  • Special Design Ladders: Designed to move material in one direction, preventing material from shifting until the next cycle.
  • Consistent Discharge: Ladders are sequenced for continuous material movement, ensuring a consistent discharge rate.
  • Adjustable Gate Bars: Breaks up material and provides further adjustment to the discharge rate, reducing shear forces and power requirements.
  • Optional Spike Roll Assembly: Breaks up clumps and ice lumps, ensuring smooth material flow.
  • Gravity Discharge: Material falls by gravity into the discharge takeaway device, typically a metering screw conveyor.
  • Prevents Bridging: Material cannot permanently bridge, ensuring continuous discharge.
  • Gentle Material Movement: Prevents dust and minimizes degradation into fines and pins.
  • First-In, First-Out Movement: Ensures consistent turnover of material.
  • Reliable and Safe Operation: Very low wear and tear of moving parts, ensuring reliable and safe operation.
Comparison between Alpac and Valiant Stoker Reclaimers:
Alpac Stoker Reclaimer:

Features: Heavy-duty construction, efficient bulk material reclaiming, customizable design, advanced controls.
Benefits: High reliability and uptime, optimal material flow, customization options, enhanced safety, and easy maintenance.

Valiant Stoker Reclaimer:

Features: Robust construction, high throughput capacity, integrated automation, versatile design.
Benefits: Increased productivity, material handling versatility, advanced control systems, low maintenance requirements.


Biofuels & Pellets Production  •  Biomass Energy Processing  •  Cement Production  •  Mining Operations (Aggregate, Sand & Gravel, Coal, and Other Minerals)
Power Generation  •  Pulp & Paper Manufacturing  •  Renewable Power Production  •. Sawmill Operations


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