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PNC Clinker Coalpactor Cover

Introducing Coalpactors® by Pennsylvania Crusher, a trusted brand from TerraSource Global. These specialized machines are designed to efficiently reduce the size of coals, making them ideal for fluid bed boiler plants and crushing metallurgical coal for coke production. The Coalpactor’s open-bottom construction and free-air impact design minimize fines and reduce horsepower consumption per ton, outperforming traditional hammermills. With features like interchangeable breaker blocks, hydraulic doors, and adjustable components, downtime is minimized, ensuring continuous operation and easy maintenance.

Its unique design concept, size control, and numerous advantages make it the preferred choice for cost-effective, controlled crushing with minimal fines generation. Whether for power or steel industries, the Pennsylvania Crusher Coalpactor excels in maintaining top size and providing a low cost-per-ton crushed, making it the go-to solution for coal processing needs. Plus, with the new retrofit design, it offers even greater wear life, easier maintenance, and improved crushing surfaces for enhanced performance. Discover the difference of Coalpactors and partner with TerraSource Global for your coal processing needs.

PNC Clinker Coalpactor
PNC Clinker Coalpactor
PNC Clinker Coalpactor inside


  • Effective size reduction for fluid bed boiler plants and crushing metallurgical coal for coke.
  • Wet or low-grade coal compatibility minimizing fines and horsepower consumption.
  • Efficient crushing of high-moisture materials without capacity loss.
  • Tight top-size control increases production capabilities.
  • Open-bottom design  prevents overcrushing and protects against damage from uncrushables.
  • Interchangeable breaker blocks increases crushing surface area and ensures even wear.
  • Standard spherical roller bearings to handle large loads.
  • Adjustable lower breaker block assemblies compensates for wear without equipment shutdown.

  • Alternative hammer arrangements adaptable for various applications.
  • Hydraulic doors for quick access to critical wear parts, minimizing downtime.
  • Detachable center housing section facilitates rotor assembly removal for maintenance.
  • Split pillow-block housing enables fast inspection and maintenance.
  • Standard synchronous gear jacks for efficient tip clearance adjustment.
  • Drilled and tapped rotors/suspension bar ends facilitates maintenance and bearing removal.
  • Cast breaker blocks reduces coal buildup and speeds up maintenance.
  • Reversible rotation equalizes wear on hammers and breaker blocks.
  • Keyed and clamped suspension discs resists shifting during operation.
  • Shallow cast breaker block design reduces coal buildup for efficiency.


  • Lower cost-per-ton-crushed achieves lower cost compared to similar crushers.
  • Lower horsepower demand requires less horsepower, reducing operational costs.
  • Control over product size ensures consistent output with minimum fines.
  • Suitable for high moisture content materials maintains capacity and efficiency.

  • Minimized risk of damage from uncrushables.
  • Extended hammer lifespan hammers last longer compared to other crushers.
  • Improved wear life with retrofit design doubles crushing surfaces, improves wear resistance.
  • Retrofit design applicable to existing machines, reducing downtime during upgrades.


Cement Production  •  Mining Operations (Coal, and Other Minerals)  • Petroleum Coke Processing. •  Power Generation  •  Steel Production

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