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Air Density Separator (ADS)

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Jeffrey Rader’s Air Density Separators (ADS) are engineered for optimal efficiency and versatility, safeguarding chip conditioners, slicers, and pulp mill equipment. Featuring a unique control system, ADS creates a controlled separation zone using air curtains to efficiently remove rocks, knots, and debris while directing accepts to a cyclone, enhancing pulping and reducing rejects. Customizable to specific process needs, ADS minimizes energy use, offers equipment placement flexibility, and is ideal for wood handling, pulp and paper, and refuse/resource recovery industries, ensuring efficient separation for diverse applications.

JR Density Separation Systems Diagram
JR Density Separation Systems flow
  • Pioneering Technology: Jeffrey Rader is a leader in chip processing technology, with over 40 years of experience.
  • Vacuum Air System: Utilizes vacuum air systems to effectively remove chip contaminants like rocks, knots, and metal.
  • Optimal Removal Efficiency: Uniquely-designed control system ensures optimal removal efficiency for chip contaminants.
  • Versatility: The ADS system offers flexibility in locating chip conditioners and Chip-Sizer™ rechippers, saving space and reducing capital investment.
  • Adjustable Separation Chamber: The system’s design allows for a curtain of air to be pulled across an adjustable separation chamber, facilitating efficient separation of unwanted debris from the material flow.
  • Downstream Equipment Protection: Protects downstream equipment by removing rocks, knots, and compressed wood from the material flow.
  • Improved Pulping Process: Enhances the pulping process by removing knots and compressed wood, leading to a reduction in pulping rejects.
  • Custom Tailored Solutions: Each ADS system is custom-tailored to accommodate specific process requirements, resulting in optimized energy consumption and operational efficiency.


Biofuels & Pellets Production  •  Biomass Energy Processing  •  Pulp & Paper Manufacturing  •  Recycling Operations
Renewable Power Production  •  Sawmill Operations  •  Wood Products / Furniture  •  Manufacturing


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