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Jeffrey Rader Disc Screen (RDS)

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JR Chip Thickness Screen
Disc Screen
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Rotating Disc Screen
  • Versatile Wood Chip Screening: Designed for removing oversized rejects from unscreened wood chips, hog fuel, or bark.
  • Continuous Material Movement: Utilizes rotating multi-toothed discs to continuously move material, shaking loose small particles while larger material is carried forward.
  • Customizable Disc Profile: Engineers select the ideal disc profile, interface openings, and screen size for maximum screening efficiency based on the individual application.
  • Removable Discs and Spacers: Discs and spacers can be easily removed and changed in the field for flexibility in screening requirements.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Compact design minimizes space requirements and ensures energy-efficient operation.
  • Self-Cleaning: Designed for minimal downtime and higher volume production as rotating discs continually clear oversize material and interface openings remain clear.
  • Discrete Separation: Allows for variable openings between discs to screen out specific materials like glass, grit, ceramic, aluminum, and large fibrous matter.
  • Modifiable On-Site: Can be modified on-site by installing different length spacers to adapt to changing material characteristics.
  • Engineered for Long Service Life: Built for rugged, nonstop service with routine maintenance, and easily accessible service points and components
  • High Screening Efficiency: Maximizes the separation of desirable materials from incoming material.
  • Continuous Operation: Suitable for 24-hour-a-day processing operations.
  • Resource Recovery: Ideal for recovering valuable materials efficiently.
  • Complete Material Examination: Ensures a high percentage of desired or undesired fractions are removed.
  • Accurate Separation: Self-cleaning design maintains constant interface openings for precise material separation.
  • High Throughput: Offers higher throughput compared to other screen systems due to conveying and bounding large fractions.
  • Flexible Material Separation: Easily configurable to separate different materials by selecting the proper disc profile and interface spacing.
  • Field Configurable: Modular design allows for easy field modifications, offering advantages over welded shaft designs.


Agricultural/Food Processing  •  Biofuels & Pellets Production  •  Biomass Energy Processing  •  Pulp & Paper Manufacturing  •  Recycling Operations  •  Renewable Power Production  •  Sawmill Operations  •  Waste Management  •  Wood Products / Furniture Manufacturing


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