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Raderwave™ Fines Screen

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Jeffrey Rader, a pioneer in chip-thickness screening and processing technology since the mid-1970s, has transformed chip preparation with their equipment designed for four crucial stages: gross oversize removal, over-thick chip removal, size reduction of over-thick chips, and fines removal. This cutting-edge chip thickness screening equipment is indispensable for various materials, including bark, construction, and demolition waste, refuse derived fuel (RDF), requiring fractionation, separation, and debris elimination. The Raderwave™ Fines Screen, a standout product in their lineup, excels in fines removal while preserving valuable fiber, even in fluctuating conditions, boasting over 90% fines removal and up to 90% fiber retention. With features like a low-horsepower, variable-speed drive, and self-cleaning capabilities, Jeffrey Rader’s equipment ensures efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance, addressing common mill problems effectively.

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Rader fine screen


  • Unique sinusoidal action of the Flexi-Dek screen mat.
  • Low-horsepower, variable-speed drive with motorized jacking system for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Noncorrosive, high-density, high-strength Flexi-Dek material.
    Easy Flexi-Dek replacement in two hours or less, minimizing downtime.
  • Self-cleaning feature ideal for harsh climates.
  • Dust-tight construction for a clean work area.


  • Maximum fines removal while retaining valuable fiber, even under fluctuating conditions.
  • Over 90% fines removal and up to 90% retention of valuable fiber.
  • Prevents adhesion of wet or sticky particles, eliminating plugging or binding.
  • Patent-pending unique operating principle.
  • Extraordinary levels of fines removal and pin chip retention, even in harsh winter conditions.
  • Keeps the operation running smoothly with self-cleaning features.
  • Ease of installation, reliable operation, and low maintenance due to various design elements.

Solution for Common Mill Problems:

Problem: Mill experiences blinding and plugging of their gyratory screen deck during winter months.
Solution: A RaderWave Fines Screen allows efficient fines screening even during wet and frozen conditions, preventing the need to bypass the gyratory screen.

Problem: Mill wants to retain pin and thin chips while minimizing fiber loss.
Solution: The RaderWave Fines Screen efficiently removes fines and grit while retaining pulpable fiber, ensuring high-quality output and cost savings when wood costs are high.