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Reversible Impactors

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Impactor Hammer
Impactor maintainance

Reversible Impactor Advantage: A Legacy Since 1937


  • Unique positive displacement design.
  • Utilizes natural bridging tendency of materials.
  • Single moving part for simplicity.
    Handles diverse bulk materials and conditions.
  • Resistant to feed rate errors from moisture variations.
  • Virtually eliminates plugging and downtime.
  • Low maintenance without belts.
  • Capacities from 3 to 1800 TPH.
  • Low rotation speeds with minimal power.
  • Seals against downstream suction or pressure.
  • Provides up to 99.5% feed rate accuracy.
  • Replaces rotary, table, weigh feeders, and triple-gates.
  • Improves plant safety by reducing fugitive dust.


  • Reliably accurate feed rates for consistent production.
  • Longer equipment lifespan with minimal wear.
  • Improved air quality and safety by eliminating dust.
  • Handles wet, dry, lumpy, sticky, abrasive materials.
  • Consistent feeding despite moisture level changes.
  • Reduces downtime for maximum operational efficiency.
  • Low maintenance cuts operational costs.
  • Trouble-free operation enhances productivity.
  • Efficient material handling with low power consumption.
  • Controlled operation against downstream forces.
  • Minimizes material waste with accurate feeding.
  • Simplifies equipment setup and maintenance.
  • Enhances safety by eliminating dust emissions.


Cement Production  •  Chemical Processing  •  Limestone & Lime Processing  •  Mining Operations (Coal, Potash, and Other Minerals)
Petrochemical Processing  •  Petroleum Coke Processing  •  Power Generation. •  Steel Production

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