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TKK Granulator
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Features and Benefits of Pennsylvania Crusher Brand TKK Koal-King® Granulators:

  • Versatility: Capable of processing wet, frozen, fine, and contaminated coals, adaptable to diverse materials and operating conditions.
  • Widely Used: The globally preferred granulator with a track record of proven reliability across industries.
  • Material Handling: Handles limestone, coal, gypsum, and friable materials and is suitable for power plants, mines, and cement plants.
  • Reduction Capability: Capable of processing limestone, coal, gypsum, and other friable materials, making it ideal for use in power plants, mines, and cement plants.
  • Minimizes Fines: Maximizes fines reduction and effectively handles wet, fine, and contaminated materials, enhancing overall material handling efficiency.
  • Improved Crushing Efficiency: Toothed ring, forged steel hammers ensure efficient crushing with minimal vibration.
  • Uniform Crushing: Optimized hammer placement ensures full cage coverage, resulting in consistently uniform crushing.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Bolted frame liners, hinged rear quadrants, and clean-out doors for convenient maintenance and cleaning access, minimizing downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • Bearing Housing Design: Split bearing housing design simplifies bearing maintenance and lubrication, eliminating the need for bearing removal.
  • Optional Bypass Chutes: Extends equipment lifespan for pre-sized feed material.
  • Enhanced Wear Materials: Durable wear materials and liners, customizable to enhance wear resistance.
  • Hydraulic Cage Door Openers: Optional feature for simplified maintenance and adjustments, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Superior Technology: Enhanced access configuration and screen cage design featuring Duralife Hammers for prolonged durability.
  • Crusher Protection: Channels non-crushable debris towards a tramp iron trap, safeguarding the crusher and minimizing the potential damage caused by foreign objects.
  • No Flywheel: Eliminates the need for an external flywheel, simplifying maintenance and reducing hazards.


Cement Production  •  Chemical Processing  •  Limestone & Lime Processing
Mining Operations (Coal, Gypsum, and Other Minerals)  •  Petroleum Coke Processing  •  Power Generation  •  Steel Production

TKK specification

Technical Details

General Information

  • Hammers: ASTM A322 Forged Steel, Reversible Ring, Tooth Type
  • Frame: ASTM A36 Fabricated Steel Plate
  • Frame Liners: AISI 1040/1045 Hot rolled Carbon Manganese Steel
  • Breaker Plates: AISI 1040/1045 Hot rolled Carbon-Manganese Steel
  • Screen Plates: AISI 1040/1045 Hot rolled Carbon-Manganese Steel
  • Cage Frame: ASTM A36 Fabricated Steel Plate
  • Cage Hinge Shaft: AISI 1018 Cold-Finished Steel, AISI
  • Rotor Shaft: ASTM A668 Class E Forged Heat Treated Steel


  • End Discs: AISI 1040/1045 Hot rolled Carbon Manganese Steel
  • Suspension Arm: AISI 1040/1045 Hot rolled Carbon Manganese Steel
  • Suspension Bars: AISI 4140 Steel, Heat treated for high hardness
  • Bearings: Self Aligning Spherical Roller, Tapered Bore Bearings
  • Bearing Housings: Cast Iron, Split with Labyrinth Seals
  • Standard Lubrication is grease: however optional oil circulating systems are available
  • B10 Bearing Life: 80,000 – 100,000 hours


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