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DynaYield™ II Chip Conditioner

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Optimizing wood chip preparation is vital for efficient pulp production, especially in cooking wood chips to make pulp, where well-sized chips maximize essential chemical utilization. Jeffrey Rader’s DynaYield™ II Chip Conditioner improves pulp penetration through longitudinal cracks in over-thick chips. It is a vital step in the Jeffrey Rader’s Overthick Processing System offers solutions. The DynaYield™ II Chip Conditioner stands out for its fines and pins reduction, lower maintenance costs, and centralized lubrication, playing a crucial role in optimizing chip thickness for better uniformity and operational uptime.

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Dyna Yield

Features and Advantages:

Feature: Consists of two rolls with patented textured stainless steel segments for conditioning and fissuring over-thick wood chips.
Benefit: Maximizes proper pulping liquor penetration, resulting in optimum cooking and yield with minimal fines and pins generation.

Feature: Specially designed, textured stainless steel segments, removable covers, independent hydraulic cylinders, and mechanical stops for nip setting.
Benefit: Precise and efficient conditioning of over-thick wood chips, ease of maintenance, and control over chip processing parameters.