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Renewable Power

Jeffrey Rader equipment is pivotal in Renewable Power Production, especially for biomass energy and co-generation plants. It excels in material handling by removing contaminants like rocks and tramp metal from wood chips, improving quality and protecting downstream equipment. The equipment efficiently processes wood chips, hog fuel, and bark, ensuring precise material separation and high recovery rates. It optimizes wood chip reduction without generating pins and fines, handling large wood infeeds and challenging applications. With over 90% fines removal, even in harsh climates, it maximizes feedstock use and ensures reliable material handling in pneumatic conveying systems and boiler feed systems, recognized for durability and efficiency. Additionally, Pennsylvania Crusher Clinker Crushers offer robust solutions for reducing bottom ash or clinker, enhancing productivity, and reducing operational costs. This equipment, supplied to companies like Babcock & Wilcox and GE Energy, revolutionizes material reclaiming with uniform reclaiming, reduced energy consumption, and minimal downtime.