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Jeffrey Rader’s equipment collectively revolutionize sawmill operations and meet growing market demands in the housing, pellet manufacturing, and pulp and paper industries. Serving clients like Hood Industry, Chester Wood Products, Roseburg Forest Products, Hampton Lumber, and Swanson Superior Lumber, these systems efficiently remove debris to ensure high-quality wood chips, protecting downstream equipment and enhancing pulping efficiency. The ADS and RDS offer customizable, self-cleaning designs that optimize performance, reduce maintenance, and improve material recovery. The EnduraHog series provides precise material sizing, high recovery rates, and efficient handling of large wood infeeds with ease. Rotary Airlock Feeders ensure reliable material handling in high-pressure environments, while TubeFeeders deliver uniform reclaiming and precise homogenization, reducing energy consumption and operational costs. Collectively, these solutions boost productivity, operational efficiency, and environmental compliance in sawmill operations.