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Pulp & Paper

Since the 1960s, Jeffrey Rader has installed tens of thousands of machines in pulp and paper applications worldwide, enhancing productivity for clients like Georgia Pacific and International Paper. Known for innovative chip and bark processing, their advanced solutions significantly improve manufacturing efficiency. Key equipment includes the Air Density Separation Systems (ADS) for removing unwanted materials, the CC4000 Chip Classifier for precise chip thickness, and the DynaGage™ Bar Screen for high-efficiency separation. The Rader Disc Screen (RDS) ensures steady flow and minimal downtime, while the DynaYield™ II Chip Conditioner optimizes chemical penetration and pulp yield. The EnduraHog series, including the Chip-Sizer, Classic, and SuperSlugger, offers robust wood chip reduction with minimal maintenance. The Raderwave Fines Screen excels in fines removal and fiber retention, and the Rotary Airlock Feeders and TubeFeeders ensure efficient material handling and energy consumption.