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Demonstration & Testing Center

A Premier Innovation and Testing Facility

TerraSource Global’s Demonstration & Testing Center in Duncan, South Carolina, is a premier innovation facility for evaluating equipment, testing materials for existing and prospective customers and developing new solutions for unique applications. Activities conducted within the Center include equipment demonstrations; sales, engineering and product development support; and crushing and feeding evaluations for existing and prospective TerraSource Global customers.

This 9,000 sq. ft. complex houses actual, full-sized machinery and related auxiliary equipment from each of TerraSource Global’s three market-leading brands: Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher. The Center also includes over 1,800 sq. ft. of conference/office space for sales and customer training, technical presentations and learning events.

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If you are looking for expert insights and data-driven recommendations for the material handling and sizing challenges that impact your business, TerraSource Global’s Demonstration & Testing Center can provide the answers you need. Contact your local TerraSource Global Representative or call Customer Service at 855-483-7721 to schedule a time to have your raw materials evaluated at the Center. Of course, anyone wanting to have their materials tested at the Center is free to visit and watch the tests as they’re being conducted.

The TerraSource Global Demonstration & Testing Center is just another aspect of how we’re distinguishing ourselves in the marketplace by providing end-to-end service, innovation and quality assurance to our existing and prospective customers. Click here to learn more about additional benefits of partnering with TerraSource Global.