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TerraSource Global encompasses three trusted and long-standing brands, recognized the world over as leaders in performance, innovation and durability: Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher. The combined equipment portfolio of our flagship brands means we are uniquely positioned to offer real choice to customers across multiple industrial sectors and enable them to find just the right mix of equipment to meet their specific material processing and handling needs.

Size Reduction
Our Size Reduction machines efficiently reduce the size of friable material such as wood, coal, limestone, metal turnings, waste materials and much more to a specified size.
Material Handling
Material Handling equipment including truck dumpers, conveyors, bucket elevators and more is used in many industries, such as Pulp & Paper, Energy Generation and more.
Screening & Processing
Screening & Processing equipment is used for bark, construction waste, RDF and other materials that must be fractioned, separated and cleaned of rocks, metal and sand.
Our Feeders are designed to reliably feed bulk materials into your crushers evenly and consistently with limited wear and minimal downtime.
Storage & Reclaim
Our Storage & Reclaim equipment can be used to stack-out, store and reclaim your wood chips, bark, hog fuel, biomass and RDF products.
Our Pneumatic Conveying equipment moves chips, bark and RDF bulk material over a long distance, elevates it over a short distance or injects it into a boiler.