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A key benefit available to TerraSource Global customers is our expertise in OEM rebuilds and retrofits, which provide great value for companies looking to extend the life of existing equipment.

TerraSource Global can rebuild our Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher brand equipment to new condition, significantly enhancing overall return on investment. If our customer’s process or material has changed, we will review those changes with them and update the machine accordingly.

Benefits of TerraSource Global’s rebuilds program:

  • Enables equipment to be updated to fit the requirements of new processes or materials.
  • Allows upgrades and improvements to be conveniently added after the machine’s original purchase.
  • Initiates a “new machine” warranty covering material defects and workmanship.
  • Extends the useful life of equipment and boosts return on investment.
  • Returns equipment to OEM specifications for sustained, superior performance.
  • Provides good value, as the total rebuild expense is usually a fraction of the cost of purchasing comparable new equipment.

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Quality assurance measures

To ensure we offer the most value possible to our rebuild customers, every OEM rebuild from TerraSource Global involves the following procedures:

Thorough Inspection
Customers choosing to have TerraSource Global rebuild or retrofit their machines get a lot of value
for their money.

  • Whether it’s a rebuild of a particular assembly, a retrofit or a general overhaul, our process begins with a detailed, thorough inspection of designated equipment by factory-trained personnel.
  • Equipment is disassembled as needed during the inspection to ensure that no area is missed.
  • Any features of the equipment that require partial or full refurbishment are identified, and a list is compiled of all the parts necessary to return the equipment to like-new condition.

Detailed Quotation
After a thorough review of the inspection results, a detailed quotation is prepared for the customer. This quotation includes an estimate of the time required to obtain or manufacture the necessary parts and perform the rebuilding process.

Potential upgrades and retrofits are also identified and offered as options in the quotation.

Complete Precision Rebuild
The machine is completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. Appropriate parts are either custom rebuilt or completely replaced with genuine OEM parts made to the brand’s original specifications, or better. The machine is expertly cleaned and prepped, given a complete new coat
of paint and returned to customers in like-new condition, ensuring many more years of productive and
efficient operation.

To ensure that each remanufactured machine meets stated specifications and customer expectations, it is put through the same rigorous test protocols and quality checks used in new machine construction.

Full Factory Warranty
We have so much confidence in our rebuild process that we provide the same comprehensive factory
warranty for material defects and workmanship as our new equipment.