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Screening & Processing Equipment

Our Screening & Processing equipment is used for bark, construction and demolition waste, RDF and other materials that must be fractioned, separated and cleaned of rocks, metal and sand.

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Wood Products / Furniture
Sample Crushers by Jeffrey Rader Brand
The Mini-Mill™, 30ABE, 34ABE, and 30FTE models include the same features as Jeffrey Rader’s larger hammermills.
Chip-Sizers by Jeffrey Rader Brand
Our Chip-Sizer™ is the first true no-knife rechipper, made to reduce oversized wood chips with a minimum of fines produced and low maintenance costs.
Pre-Steaming Bins by Jeffrey Rader Brand
Jeffrey Rader pre-steaming bins have been engineered and configured to meet just about any job requirement for pulp & paper applications.
Disc Screen (RDS) by Jeffrey Rader Brand
For removing oversized rejects from unscreened wood chips, hog fuel or bark, the Jeffrey Rader Disc Screen is the undisputed workhorse of the industry.
Raderwave Fines Screen by Jeffrey Rader Brand
The Raderwave™ Fines Screen provides maximum fines removal while saving valuable fiber, even under fluctuating conditions.
DynaGage Bar Screen by Jeffrey Rader Brand
The DynaGage™ is a true primary screen designed to be installed in new screen rooms or as a replacement in existing operations.
DynaYield II Chip Conditioners by Jeffrey Rader Brand
DynaYield™ Chip Conditioners are designed to gently fissure over-thick wood chips with the least fines and pins generation of any thickness reduction machine.
EDK Feeder/Delumper by Jeffrey Rader Brand
The EDK Rotary Feeder/Delumper is ideal for precise volumetric feeding of polypropylene and polyethylene resin under high pressures and temperatures.
CC4000 Chip Classifier by Jeffrey Rader Brand
The CC4000 allows mills to classify chips on a user-defined thickness. All controls and functions are monitored by a computer with Microsoft Windows software.
Overthick Processing Systems by Jeffrey Rader Brand
The process of cooking wood chips to make pulp requires properly sized chips to better utilize the chemicals required for the pulping process.
Air Density Separation Systems by Jeffrey Rader Brand
Air Density Separation Systems are made up of vacuum air equipment to remove chip contaminants such as rocks, knots and metal.
Chip Thickness Screening Systems by Jeffrey Rader Brand
Jeffrey Rader pioneered the first chip-thickness screening and processing technology in the mid 1970s and revolutionized chip preparation.
Boiler Fuel Feed Systems by Jeffrey Rader Brand
Boiler fuel feed systems are made up of a combination of storage, reclaim, conveying and feeding equipment and are available in mechanical and pneumatic systems.