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Overthick Processing Systems by Jeffrey Rader Brand

The process of cooking wood chips to make pulp requires properly sized chips to better utilize the chemicals required for the pulping process.


The processing of the “over-thick” fraction begins with the chip flow coming off the end of the thickness screen.

An Overthick Processing System may include:

  • Air Density Separator (ADS) system, which is used to remove the knots, rocks, and tramp metal from the over-thick chips
  • The DynaYield™ II Chip Conditioner, which is used to fissure the over-thick wood chips. Its removable, patented, profiled surfaces fissure the over-thick chips to assure proper pulping liquor penetration for optimum cooking and yield. Longitudinal cracks in the chip structure increase surface area for improved liquor penetration and pulping response
  • Chip-Sizer™ can be used as alternate oversize processing equipment. It offers consistent performance and tolerates tramp metal
Technical Data

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Jeffrey Rader Brand Air Density Separator

Jeffrey Rader CC2000 Computerized Chip Quality Monitoring System

Jeffrey Rader DynaYield II Chip Conditioner

Jeffrey Rader Chip Thickness Screening

Jeffrey Rader Chip-Sizer